Sunday 29 November 2020
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Fella Makafui sleeping with politicians and rich men to fund her luxurious lifestyle

Abena Moet Dares Fella Makafui – Swear To Me if your money is Genuine Abena Moet of OKAY FM has just ignited the beef which seemed...

Drug baron Nayele Ametefe

Why UK freed Drug baron Nayele Ametefe after serving 3 years of her 8-year jail time

Drug Queen Nayele Ametefe has been released from jail having served only three years out of her 8 and a half years sentence for narcotics...

Nigerian Military School in Zaria

Nigeria military ranked 4th most powerful in Africa but Ghana stands at 19th position analyst got a shocking news about military ranking in Africa. Ghana’s military ranked 19th and Nigeria military ranked 4th...

South Africa deports all Nigerians from their country

South Africa deports all Nigerians from their country

Report reaching analyst indicates that, South Africa Police being allowed to depart all citizens from Nigeria to their...