Friday 2 June 2023
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About us

OFMTV.COM is part of OFM Computer World Group of companies of which is legalized in Europe with REGISTER #28141274. OIL FIELD MINISTRIES In USA & In Ghana.

Do you need your business or ministry or personal Radio or TV studio? Contact OFM Computer World Europe or Ghana, we are one of the best Radio and TV studio builders with modern facilities.

We give you both internet and Digital Satellite with best European Companies contact.

The Church of Yahweh was not born anemic and spiritless but with the demonstration of Power.

OFM-TV is a place to take the purpose of the church out from the unseen room.

Most churches are becoming cemeteries since hundreds of potentials are unused, because the church is not awaking to discover the vitality in them and many are speaking a lot of languages.

It is waste of time for a beautiful butterfly to think, it can become a bird because of it`s flying ability.

There is sphere of ministry for each one, even if you call ten teachers of the Bible, you will discovered each one will show different level of teaching skills of ministry or administration of ministry according to the grace upon them.

From the studies of botany and zoology, every living thing has it`s environment but one among all the living things was given the ability and wisdom to survive in all environment.

For example amphibians can survive in both land and water but fishes only in water bodies,birds in the air, trees, land etc but only man was give the authority and the attributes of the King(office)-Dom(sphere) to live and fulfill in all sphere of life.

Therefore, in ministry we have those who can walk and do ministry in all sphere but others are called for a specific area.

Meaning we are all not the same, so OFM-TV is a global network center where our vision is to build each other, help, equipped, assist etc since each one is ordained with a special grace of calling.

Therefore Networking is available to put the people of God to the Right path of God and not fiasco. Networking is the Complicated system of communication.

Networking is the system by which lines, wires, thread, tubes are linked to each other.

In God, the highest level of FIELD of God, which will result in maturity for the coming of God’s KingDom is networking.

Networking in holistic sense must equip, build ,establish links, fruitfulness, approve etc, in God’s kingdom.

Souls are perishing but the fastest way God can use you is NETWORKING.