Saturday 17 March 2018
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About us

Ability OFM Radio – Studio Contact: +49 176 37666477

OFMTV global center for network, where all ministers of the Gospel of our Messiah, Adonai, the son of Yahweh can share their ministry/services with the body of Christ(the anointed one) and those perishing ones around the world. The Church of Yahweh was not born anemic and spiritless but with the demonstration of Power. OFM-TV is a place to take the purpose of the church out from the unseen room. Most churches are becoming cemeteries since hundreds of potentials are unused, because the church is not awaking to discover the vitality in them and many are speaking a lot of languages. It is waste of time for a beautiful butterfly to think, it can become a bird because of it`s flying ability. There is sphere of ministry for each one, even if you call ten teachers of the Bible, you will discovered each one will show different level of teaching skills of ministry or administration of ministry according to the grace upon them.

From the studies of botany and zoology, every living thing has it`s environment but one among all the living things was given the ability and wisdom to survive in all environment. For example amphibians can survive in both land and water but fishes only in water bodies,birds in the air, trees, land etc but only man was give the authority and the attributes of the King(office)-Dom(sphere) to live and fulfill in all sphere of life. Therefore, in ministry we have those who can walk and do ministry in all sphere but others are called for a specific area. Meaning we are all not the same, so OFM-TV is a global network center where our vision is to build each other, help, equipped, assist etc since each one is ordained with a special grace of calling.

After Samuel anointed Saul as a king, he said” And let it be, when these signs are come unto thee, that thou do as occasion serve thee; for God (Yahweh) is with thee” (1 samuel 10:7KJV). All we can do is by God grace. In most training centers we used the thumb of the fingers to represent an Apostle because it has easy ability to touch all the other fingers. Today as you join this GLOBAL CENTER FOR NETWORK online OFM-TV, please be a blessing to others and they too will be the same but remember to live your life of ministry before the fall of Adamic race and not after the fall of Adamic generation. Because after the fall of man, Adamic kingdom race was shifted from trichotomous being (soul ,spirit & body) to dichotomous beings, that is the lacking of the spirit of man.Before the Adamic fall, man was the exact image of God and shows the exact attributes of God with miniature Heaven on earth as official Ambassadors accredited by God Himself, as special ENVOYS, as EMISSARY, as COMMISSIONER, as SENT ONE etc. All your negativeness does not exist in heaven, therefore they cann`t exist in your life and ministry. They are all ILLEGALLY. So forbid them to establish root in your life/ministry. Thank (YHWH) the tetragrammaton for NETWORKING, which brought man back to Edenic kingdom paradigm.

“Moreover they that work in time flax, and they that weave NETWORK, shall be confounded (Isaiah 19:9 KJV)”. According to the above SCRIPTURE, the weaves will have no time flax or cotton, for their Crops will be fiasco. Cotton is very vital in the international economy, which is beneficial to humanity in the areas of thread and clothes making, purposely for covery, decorating and designing. That is equipping the body (physically). To be confounded comes from the Hebrew word “Bûsh” means to be ashamed, to be disappointed ,to keep waiting, to deceive, to act shamefully, to disgrace etc. Bûsh is the confusion, embarrassment when things do not turn out as expected. This is the voice of God against Networking that does not based on the vision of Christ or God but centered on Egypt( As type of the WORLD or MATERIAL THINGS ETC.) Cotton came as a result of seed God deposited in the soil but why clothes?. Without a seed falling on the soil, harvest will remain the same.

Seed after falling it passes through the DECAY STAGE OF LIFE where it experiences heat, covering, darkness, destruction, sleeping etc in the soil and this periods are the time of unknown in purposeful life. But since the purpose of God has no respect for the economy of a nation/race let us arise to put on the APOTHECARY OIL (Eccl.10:1 & Exo.30:22-25). As many seed need brokenness, so also carriers of seed need brokenness in ministry.Because the name of Jacob wasn’t good for God to build the kingdom, so He needed to break the waste of Jacob in other to cause Israel to come out .

Every Christian has Israel like in him/her but first character must be updated. Jacob die but Israel is still alive. By the wisdom of God, one man discovered the need of clothes by using cotton as raw material. Now every place in the world clothes are been used. Typologically the seed is ordained or anointing or blessing; the soil is the human heart and the cotton (fruits) is the byproduct of the seed (blessing). Every fruit of the spirit of God is deposited in the Holy Spirit (Anointing / ordained / Blessing), But as soon as man focuses on the things more than God, the production of spiritual gifts cease.

Therefore Networking is available to put the body of Christ to the Right path of God and not fiasco. Networking is the Complicated system of communication. Networking is the system by which lines, wires, thread, tubes are linked to each other. In the body of Christ the highest level of FIELD of God, which will result in maturity for the coming of Christ is networking. Networking in holistic sense must equip, build ,establish links, fruitfulness, approve etc, in God`s kingdom. Souls are perishing but the fastest way God can use you is NETWORKING. Together the work is accomplish. Therefore GLOBAL CENTER FOR NETWORK WAS ESTABLISHED TO FACILITATE THE NEW TESTAMENT PARADIGM ORGANIC CHURCH.